Website Redesign Project

Information architecture’s primary focus is to assist users with finding information; and designing information products and services users can understand, easily navigate, and enjoy. Suzanne Collins is the award-winning author of The Hunger Games Trilogy. This website redesign project was initiated to redesign Ms. Collins existing website to upgrade its functionality, usability, fan appeal, and aesthetics. The author’s existing website is out-of-date and does not provide any online venues for her fans to engage and interact. So then, the project team redesigned the website to help promote fan/author interaction and collaboration. The overarching strategy of the project was to improve the website’s functional capabilities. Moreover, our vision was to give the users an effective tool to navigate the website and have a pleasant experience when searching for the author’s books. To this end, the project team had the following goals for the website redesign:

• System reorganization –  The content of the site was grouped based on a new categorization plan.

• System labeling – Developed labeling terms site visitors could understand.

• System navigation – Incorporated an enhanced global navigation system that included new links and additional features.

•  Update controlled vocabulary – The controlled vocabulary was updated to support the new site.

Through my interaction as a member on the website redesign project team, I learned that when considering the various abstract concepts and methods of information architecture, the architect must visualize the design. Moreover, he or she must help the client visualize it as well. This was of utmost importance in the team’s redesign of Suzanne Collins’ website. Because we were able to visualize the design throughout the duration of the project, we successfully upgraded the author’s website by building concrete organization and structure into the new design. And as a result of the team coming together and embracing one clear vision for the project, we achieved our  project goals. Therefore, the redesign project added value to the author’s brand and provided her fans with an effective website that is pleasurable and fun to navigate.

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