Modern History of Urban Mass Transportation Project

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This project exemplifies the reality that information science concepts are intertwined. Knowledge management, information access and retrieval, and information architecture all strive to structure, access, navigate,  preserve, and use information for optimal organization performance. To this end, the information science concepts explored in this ePortfolio employ information technology, intellectual capital, strategic planning, and software developed in the ever expanding discipline of digital scholarship. This also includes web applications and multimedia. To develop the Modern History of Urban Mass Transportation Project I used TimelineJS, an open-source multimedia application that employs the JavaScript programming language, and was developed by Knight Lab at Northwestern University. We were required to use either TimelineJS or another multimedia tool for a project in my digital scholarship course. Northwestern University developed TimelineJS for its journalism school; it’s used to teach future journalists the art of storytelling in the digital age. However, I chose to use mass transit data for my project so I could relate it to my position as an analyst at the Federal Transit Administration (FTA); and assist the FTA’s knowledge management unit with telling the agency’s story, retaining institutional knowledge, and promoting enhanced organizational performance. I will build upon the data already entered to further improve the FTA’s knowledge management capabilities using TimelineJS and other digital scholarship applications and competences I will attain.

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