I will soon graduate from the School of Information Sciences (SIS) Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As I consider all I have learned in the program, I am excited about my future as an information professional in the rapidly changing information and digital age. I am thankful for the knowledge and competences I attained in the program (although never easy); and my ability to face the challenges and step into the opportunities inherent in all information environments. From cyber security, to digital scholarship, the information age has brought with it new problems and prospects that I believe the SIS Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has well-prepared me to face.

My goal is to continue to enhance, refine, and implement these competences I have learned in the SIS Program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Achieving this goal will help me continue to improve as an analyst with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in Washington, D.C.; and continue to advance the FTA’s mission of providing safe and reliable public transportation to the citizens of the United States.

Although I have chosen to use my information science competences in the federal government public policy arena, and not in a “traditional” library, the SIS Program has prepared me well. I am now a greater asset as an analyst to assist government leaders with acquiring the necessary information to make the extremely important decisions that will face our nation in the future.

My ultimate career objective is to work for the United States Library of Congress (LOC) as a senior public policy analyst, senior management analyst, or supervisory librarian/information specialist. My background and education in public policy and management analysis—coupled with my knowledge, competences, and abilities in knowledge management, information retrieval, and information architecture—provide me with the necessary tools to access, analyze, and display information. Thus, I  greatly enhance my ability in a future position providing LOC’s top decision-makers and members of Congress with high quality data that will assist them with establishing public policy and crafting legislation to improve the lives of all the citizens of our great nation. Therefore, my education and experience in public policy, and the knowledge and competences acquired in the University of Tennessee’s Information Sciences Program will allow me to continue to provide high level analysis and recommendations to those who are the arbiters of the public’s interests.

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